Create business videos with personality and without the fear...

Create the videos for your business that you've been putting off, so your audience can finally connect with the real you.

Create video with personality that grab attention

Feel natural and comfortable on camera

Generate new leads and a loyal following

Is your struggle with being on video holding your business back?

Business video production that gets results

You want to become the go-to expert in your space and, for that, you need to be making videos. In fact, video marketing is by far the best way to grow your business right now.

But what if you and your team don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera? What if you struggle to know what to say and how to say it, and you feel a million miles away from relaxed?

You want to be come across as natural, real and trustworthy, right? But standing in front of a camera makes you feel anxious. And watching yourself back is some kind of torture.

I’ve been there and I get it. Find out more here

Coming across as totally natural, and authentic, shouldn't be so hard!

Feel comfortable on camera

Feel comfortable on camera

Let’s chat about your business, what you want to achieve and how I can help you overcome any fears or challenges you & your team are facing when it comes to creating video
Get the attention you deserve

Get the attention you deserve

Together, we’ll work out what to say, how to say it and create videos that come across as completely natural and authentic. This isn’t about being slick, it’s about being real.
Gain New Customers

Gain New Customers

You get to engage with your audience, as you post your videos on your website & social media channels and watch the new leads start rolling in.

Your business deserves to stand out.

Don't let anxiety around making videos stop the world from connecting with you & your brand.
  • Get known for what you do. Become the go-to authority in your field.
  • Get your message out there, to the right people, in the right way.
  • Create hot new leads and a loyal following of ideal clients.
  • Create engaging content that your audience can easily consume.
  • Increase brand awareness. Get seen and noticed by those looking for what you do.
  • Grow your business by showing up as confident, natural and real.

"John was so supportive"

“He (John) was so supportive and really understood where I was coming from, so I could really deliver the message how I needed to get me across.”

Maxine King – Fresh Mindset

I make the whole process easy, so you can feel calm & confident on camera

Where do we start and what video should we make first?
I'll guide you through our stress-free process to get you started
What do we say?
I'll help you create content ideas and most of the time we don't use scripts, just natural conversation like talking to a friend
What if I don't like how I come across on video?
I'll coach you through the whole process so you'll look and feel calm, confident and a natural on camera
What if we don't have any interesting video ideas?
Every business has a story to tell. I'll help you find and tell yours
How long does it take to create videos?
I can help you create professional, stand-out videos in as little as an hour
How much is it going to cost?
I have packages for every budget, starting from just £480.

You can be fearless!

At Fearless Videos, I know you don’t want to miss out on all the amazing opportunities that creating great videos can bring you.

Whether you want to be the next YouTube sensation or not, making videos that represent your brand in the way you want it to be seen is important. But not easy.

I can help you feel calm, relaxed and natural in front of the camera so you can create videos that take your marketing and business to the next level. Fearlessly! Watch Abigail’s story.

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