Business Video Examples

Your business video will be unique to you and your brand.

A great business video should be able to bring out your brands personality and focus on what you want to say to your audience. It’s all about creating a tone that best gets your messages across. The best corporate videos focus on either giving value or storytelling after all, who doesn’t enjoy a well told story?

Here are some business video examples, to give you some ideas of how your videos could look and possibly spark some ideas of how video can work for you and your business. Your video will help to build trust and engage potential customers as well as delight those that you currently have.

It’s also worth noting that everyone featured in these examples hated the idea of being on video and for many it was their first time going on camera. Look at how well they come across now !

Lion Spirit Media

Lion Spirit needed a series of videos to sit on their website explaining the different areas of marketing and PR that they covered as well as FAQs and debunking myths. Fully scripted and delivered to camera the videos compliment the look of their website and prove their potential customers with the information they require.

Easy Green Screen Package

Richardson & Paige - About Us

Robbie wanted to create a video that told his story and communicated his passion for upholstery. It was important to show the care he and his team put into every project. Robbie tells his own story in his own gently enthusiastic way.

1 day filming

Abigail Ireland - Online Course Videos

Abigail Ireland wanted to create an online class that she could sell. The course consisted of 9 videos which were shot at an office location. Here is the promo video which is used to let people know what the course contains.

Abigail knew that she needed to be on video even though she wasn’t comfortable with the idea. Each video was scripted and we used an autocue which meant that all Abi needed to do was read from the screen infant of her. This video also contains stock imagery which we used to enhance the flow and engagement of the final video.

Bespoke project – half day

InnerVisions ID - Client Case Study

Sapna Pieroux from InnerVision ID was the clever bod behind the ‘Fearless’ brand. The video was created with the idea of showcasing the thought process that went into the Fearless Video branding brief and indeed all InnerVision ID ‘s Client projects. we wanted to allow Sapna’s enthusiasm and personality shine, but she hates being on video. Using our Fearless process, you’d never never tell

Conversation Package

Seasonmaster - About Us Video

Seasonmaster wanted a video which simply showcased who they were and what they did. We wanted to emphasise the fact that all their Secondary Glazing and Bi-Folds were hand made at their premises and not factory ordered.

An ‘About us’ video gives your potential customers the opportunity to quickly get to know your business and how you work. We used a few stock images mixed with on-site and drone imagery.

Bespoke project – This is actually the culmination of several shoots over a few years and illustrates how building a personal stock video library can help pull a video like this together quickly.


EACTS- Moderator Training Video

EACTS wanted to liven up their ‘Moderator Training’ Video for their European conference. There was a lot of information to digest and get across, but they wanted to make sure that the moderators looked through the information. Solution create a funny video mimicking the style of the British Airways – Comic Relief in flight safety video (minus the celebrities) The results were enjoyed by all at EACTS.

Bespoke project – 1 day filming

Frimley Lodge Live - Event Video

Frimley Lodge Live wanted to capture their event on video to help promote future events and to relive the great memories created over the weekend. we were able to create several videos for social media focusing on different areas of the festival. Here is a look back at the whole weekend..

Bespoke project 2 days filming

GEFCO - Process Video

Process videos allow your customer and client to see what happens when they click the buy button. GEFCO wanted to show how the cars they transport and service get from the boat arrival to the showroom and all that happens inbetween.

It’s another way of building trust with your customers.

Bespoke Project – 2 days filming

LaunchCloud - Client Testimonial

Nobody is better placed to tell your potential customers and clients how good you are than your current customers. Allowing your clients to tell their story and how you have helped them achieve their goals will resonate with your audience and is the ultimate trust builder.

Bespoke project – half day

Grab a Gardener - Recruitment Video

Grab a Gardener were looking to recruit more gardeners to their online, flexible, ¬†Gardener booking service. We helped them create this video which allowed current gardeners to describe their experience of being employed by the service. It’s a great way to inspire the right candidates to apply to your company.

Package – 1 day filming