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If you have an upcoming project that needs capturing on video, want to run a production idea past us to see if it can be achieved, or if you’ve got any questions about our video packages, you can contact Fearless Video here. Book a call with John.  (it’s free and we promise there’s no hard sell it’s really not our style!).

Or, if you’d prefer to send us an email. Just fill in your details below and one of the team will contact you shortly.

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Studio Location

We don’t have a permanent studio but:

We often use a quiet room at

High Cross Church

Knoll Rd, Camberley GU15 3SY

If your office or work space isn’t suitable for filming.

The best place to park is behind the theatre at the Knoll Road car park.

There’s small coffee shop on site so let us know your order and we’ll have brew waiting for you.