Why Watching Yourself on Video is Key to Improving

Watching Yourself on Video  I’m a big Jerry Seinfeld fan. I love his pursuit of excellence in the craft of joke writing and his observations of the worst irritations of human behaviour. He’s both a purest and a pioneer in TV comedy formats. The obvious examples being “Seinfeld” a sitcom about nothing and “Comedians in […]

What I Learnt from ‘Micing Up’ Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction with a fake microphone pointed at him

I won’t lie, I’m an autograph hunter given the opportunity. The most treasured autographs I have are Billie Joe and Tre Cool from Green Day who I met before one their shows in my late teens at the London Astoria. I have a good number of signed CDs and vinyls of bands that should have […]

How Video Can Win You Fans

How video can win you fans

Establishing a personal connection with your audience is essential for the success of your business. While traditional methods of marketing and advertising still hold their ground, there’s one medium that has proven to be exceptionally powerful in creating a sense of connection and familiarity: video. Not only does vide allow you to showcase your products […]

The Importance of Marketing Consistency

Marketing Consistency

Brands that maintain marketing consistency across socials such as Linkedin or Facebook tend to establish a stronger connection with their audience. They’re building a greater understanding with their audience building deeper connections through the different content theyre putting out. One of the most powerful elements of the marketing toolbox is video and it’s the combination […]

Why Your business Needs a Videographer to Shine Bright

why your business needs to hire a videographer

Running a successful business and staying ahead of your competitors is hard work, but making an impact online can often propel you and your business towards it’s goals for success. Sure, you’ve got your Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts highlighting your area of expertise, but have you ever considered cranking up the X factor with […]

Video Turns Facts into Feelings

How video turns facts into feelings

The Power of Video in Shaping Perceptions I’d known about the Post Office scandal for months if not years before it was suddenly the No1 topic of conversation up and down the Uk. I’d heard the brief story on new bulletins on the radio and read it on news websites. I believed it to be […]