Business Video Packages & Pricing

You and your business are unique and you do have a story to tell – you just might not know it yet…  We’ll work alongside you to understand what your story is whilst getting the very best from your budget. We’ll also help you conquer your fear of being on camera is what Fearless Video are all about.

There’s really nothing to be scared of, we promise!

We’ll help you bring your ideas to life, brainstorm some new ones with you if needed, coach and guide you through creating your first professional videos and produce some pretty amazing footage for you at the same time (even if we do say it ourselves!)

It can sometimes be hard to package a video production under one neat and convenient cost. Imagine if movies were made from a film producers choice of  Bronze, Silver or Gold packages?! There would be little room for creativity. If you’re looking to create something truly unique you’ll need to contact us to have a chat about what it is you want to achieve.

We’ll always try to tailor your needs to your budget. 

However we do have a few packages which allow you to easily create one off or ongoing video content conveniently and without letting budgets runaway with you.

Whether you have a specific video project that you need us to bring to life or you know you need video, but just aren’t sure where to start, we can help you create ‘fearless’ video.  Have a look at our business video packages and pricing here.

'Become Fearless' Video Starter Package

'Become Fearless' Video Starter Package

Perfect for overcoming your video anxiety, If you're struggling to know where to start, don't know what are the best videos for you to make, can't write a compelling script and couldn't stand in front of the camera even if you did, then this is the package for you. Done in a day Fearlessly.
  • Complete Video marketing plan
  • Script Writing
  • Learn to relax on camera and present like a pro
  • record all your key video content
  • Videos will be fully edited within 7 days
  • Subtitles and upload aftercare
Nice-n-easy Green Screen Studio Session

Nice-n-easy Green Screen Studio Session

Perfect if you know what you want and are comfortable (ish) on camera. A cost-effective speedy video session where you can record up to 3 videos fully edited. and get your marketing moving.
  • up to 60 minutes of filming in the studio
  • Record up to 3 videos
  • Videos will be fully edited, brand specific within 2 weeks
  • Optional 'priority' fee if you need the videos editing sooner
Fearless ideas and video marketing map

Fearless ideas and video marketing map

Perfect If you just don't know where to start and are looking for inspiration and ideas and content to grow your business using video.
  • Face to face meeting at our studio or online.
  • Fearless video marketing map for your businesses.
  • A bucket full of ideas to take away and use.

Need bespoke or custom videos for your business?

If you need something a little special for your business video, we have many options. To give you a taste, here are some of the things we can help you with:
  • Video production and editing, filming on-site at your business or other venues
  • Custom animations and explainer videos
  • Live streaming for events, Theatres and conferences
  • Case studies, stories and testimonial videos
  • Social media Videos
  • Online training courses.

Not sure what package is right for you?

Let’s have a chat on the phone (or Zoom if you prefer) and we’ll have a friendly chat. We’ll talk about your business and video and we’ll see which package could be a good option. There’s absolutely no pressure, and please feel free to ask any questions you have.

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